Georgie (Co Founder) 

Brand Design and Project Coordination

Combining an often infuriating level of detail with a disastrous level of scattyness.. For some reason I have found myself falling into the role of project manager and “chief coordinator”!!

A key part of my role is to organise the troops, whip everyone into line (often to their dismay on a hungover Sunday).. Whilst eating all their food (because I can’t cook)!

With a wacky sixties mum I’ve developed a love for art and design, which has also lead me to manage our great team of designers.


SUZESuze (Co Founder)

PR & After Party 

A crazy mesh of big (and sometimes totally unfeasible ideas) combined with a love for music.. Means that I’m responsible for delivering the final piece of the Sydney Soiree experience.. The after party.

With a brother who is a DJ, an appreciation for music is definitely in my genes. But, one of the things I’ve discovered in my old age (much to my disappointment) is that I’m not the most natural with a guitar or any other musical instrument!! With SS I have had the opportunity to channel my passion in music and events, to organise club nights. build relationships with club owners, musicians and DJs to create an unforgettable after party experience!


Paddy (Co Founder)

Events Management & Logistics

Due to the fact that I began Sydney Soiree with two girls and felt the odds were slightly outnumbered… I decided to appoint myself ‘Mr Sydney Soiree’!!

Technically my role has now evolved to running the logistics for the evening. I am the guy behind the scenes who does the people matching, coordinates the taxis and is the key point of contact for you guys on the night.



Soph (Partn1912434_10152215803440609_2076131806_ner) 

Creative Marketing 

With a day job in experiential marketing and a self confessed social butterfly, it’s not a surprise I’ve found myself enjoying being part of the SS team. I’ve been bought in to help generate new ideas and creative solutions to keep the concept new and exciting for our SS goers! My role focuses largely on combining big picture vision with the finer details of delivery.




Social Media

I’m full of energy, enthusiasm and a lot of shit – some might say!

My background in digital has lead me to take the role of Social Media guru! I spread the word of Sydney Soiree through Facebook and Instagram.

I’m also the one who schmoozes with media contacts and approaches journalists, attempting to woo them with my unnatural facial expressions!